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As a lifelong surfer, and as a professional photographer John McNall is quite adept at capturing the surfing experience. But it is through the fine art of oil painting that he is able to capture the intensity and emotion of dropping in on a big wave. John found that the brush strokes and volume of the paint created a whole new dimension that cannot be achieved with photography. The different color combinations and the texture of the canvas help to create something unique and to capture the moment. It frees him from having to take what his photos give him and allows him to create what he envisions  His wide variety of subject matter includes sports, ocean scenes such as boating, classic cars, nature and other subjects. But surfing is his favorite subject. Please explore John’s works. If you do not see specifically what you are looking for, give John a call.  We’re sure he can produce something that fits perfectly with your needs. Let him know your vision and together you will arrive at the perfect result.