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 Commission a Surfboard

Private individuals and companies who are looking for something specific to their theme can work with John McNall to get what they are looking for. A company, restaurant or hotel that has an ocean or surfing theme can have their brand or theme as part of the surfboard design. Surfboards as collector pieces of art are a wonderful way to enjoy your passion. Someone may love surfing and may want an artistic surfboard on their wall instead of the usual square canvas painting. John McNall will work with you to arrive at the look that meets your desire. Surfboards have been used in restaurants as part of their theme but they are usually run of the mill surfboards with the company logo slapped on. Surfboards by John McNall are collectable, finished art pieces, with inlaid wood, contoured rails, intricate designs and even unique, artistic shapes. Call to discuss your needs.


Artistic Surfboards
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