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Show your wetsuit a little respect

“You paid good money to get your super soft, stretchy wetsuit.  You paid extra for one that makes it easier to get on and off and to paddle.  If you don’t take care of it, it won’t take care of you - It will get hard like a piece of cardboard and feel just like the cheap suits you turned your nose up to.   

Don’t you hate it when you’re out in the water on a cold morning, then the sun comes out and soon you begin to detect that burning smell of fresh rubber?.  You welcome the warmth but know your costly suit is melting in the sun. Well, never fear - We added SPF 30 sunscreen to help protect your suit.  We promise your suit will NEVER get skin cancer.

We’ll also be doing a talcum powder:  "Want to make it easier to slip into your suit without feeling like you’re in a straightjacket and going crazy with clausterfobia?  Try our special wetsuit talcum powder.  Just pour a little on the tough areas like the legs and arms and slip it on. Great for diaper rash too! 

Why we Choose Organic Cotton for our Shirts

Importance of Organic Cotton

Every organic product represents a step in the right direction.  Cotton is used in 40% of worldwide textile production, giving it a widespread, global reach.  By choosing organic cotton, you're doing your part to ensure that global impact is a beneficial one.  

ORGANIC COTTON APPAREL is one eco-friendly option that we have. Traditional cotton farming accounted for over 10% of total pesticide use and nearly 25% of insecticides used worldwide creating concern for drinking water supplies, wildlife, and the environment. While organic farming of natural cotton fiber is more expensive compared to traditional farming, it saves pesticide and herbicide use, soil and water degradation, and also wildlife. 


No GMO seeds

No pesticides or insecticides

Eco friendly

Ethical working conditions

Labeled quality and pure

Organic cotton is good against your skin:

Organic fabric is better for your skin

No skin irritation

No chemicals

Higher quality

Longer durable lifespan

Support of environmental non-profits like Hudson River Clearwater Project. 

Why we Believe in Bamboo for our Shirts

In our travels to Bali, we stumbled onto a group of native people that make clothes from 60% Bamboo and 40% cotton. We discovered the soft and amazingly comfortable feel of these clothes - superior to anything we’ve worn. They don’t wrinkle much plus they seem to wear better. So we teamed up with them to offer clothes made of Bamboo! Talk about a renewable resource! They are fashion fit so if you’ve tipped a few extra brews or animal style fries you might want to order the next size up. Just sayin. If you haven’t worn the Boo, I’d give it a try.

Our focus at Wavos Grande is helping others to better their lives on both sides of the clothes. Making them and wearing them. One way we help is by supporting the people in Sumba and other places. The people we work with strive to have a positive footprint in the production of their clothing. They have created an exclusive blend of Bamboo that is ideal for wear, comfort, fit, all while being environment friendly. This fabric is made using one of the most sustainable trees in the world, Bamboo. Certain types of bamboo can grow as much as 5 feet per day! Bamboo is a truly an amazing material and we are committed to using this naturally occurring material in many of our products. The Fabric is blended with cotton to create a more durable and printable surface while still maintaining the soft sheen of the bamboo fibers.

Our clothing is made by people using only Ethical practices in their small home-based workshop. We believe in creating our clothing in a happy and productive environment so the positive energy can be passed on to others.  

WavosGrande® tries to work with apparel companies with a humanitarian direction to create a lifestyle that can set an example for others around the world.  

Washing Recommendations: Never use fabric softener or bleach on bamboo products as they damage the strength and absorbency of the fabric.



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